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Future plans

It is said that people can travel in time: in the past through our memories and in the future through our dreams, our plans and projects that we make today and hope for, work for and sacrifice ourselves for in order to see them accomplished in the future.

But the present is the most important, because it is the only one we have access to and the one which if is lived as it should be, is an accomplishment of the past and a very solid base for the future. Because the future will be as it is prepared in the present.

This is precisely why at our medical center we try hard now to do the best of what we do, through ultramodern methods of diagnosis and through the medical recovery treatments set, for the good and health of our patients. (see services offered and diseases treated). But, as I said in another chapter as well, I see the MEDRELFEX LINE Medical Center as a permanently developing entity, in a continuous progress and this is why I think of new stages and new stairs to climb on, for the good of all.

I would like to offer a general view about these future stages, just not to hinder their development: we wish to complete the pleiad of investigations by opening a laboratory for medical tests, with last generation equipment, with a highly specialised staff, and the treatments that we make today to be taken on a higher stage by opening an ultramodern treatment base in the new building of the medical center where we can put into practice for the human health as many of the elements of nature as possible: salt water, mud, paraffin, air, motion, relaxation through massage and reflexotherapy, the great principles of homeopathy, the harmony of nature set on music by great masters, the colours and the aromas of nature, all these achieved and put into practice with the help of a healthy nourishment, which is the condition for our performances, because many health problems can be solved and ask to be solved only through nourishment, nourishment which can build or destroy the future of a human being.

I very much insist that at MEDREFLEX LINE medical center you should receive all the information that you need to get involved actively in the healing and recovery process that you wish for. But we can do this only if you really want to be healed. I would like you to know that your powerful will to heal shall guide the cells of your own body in the correct direction. And this, together with the treatments set by our center, can lead to the results we all wish for.

We will do our best to offer you all the information you need during the consultations and also during the hours of treatment that you shall spend at our center (the sessions of massage, reflexotherapy, etc), as conferences projected in the treatment rooms, in order to assimilate gradually and thoroughly everything you need to know in order to take care by yourselves. We shall explain you our methods of diagnosis and their great value, their advantages compared to other methods of investigation (I would like to mention the fact that there is no irradiation caused by the thermograph). See the page dedicated to thermography.

We shall explain to you what massage and reflexotherapy offer you, what a healthy nourishment means, how important motion, light and air are, how wonderful and effective music is in the medical recovery treatment and we shall try to offer you the information you need in order to understand how you can use the inexhaustible resources of the Supernatural in your medical recovery.

I hope that all this made you want to contact us! This is why we are waiting for you at MEDREFLEX LINE medical center in order to set ourselves all, you and us – the staff of the center – in the service of your health and happiness!

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