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What is Thermography?

We can talk a lot about Thermography and also in very complex terms, but this is not my intention here. I would like now to offer you only a few easy information so you can get an idea on what Thermography is and what it is used for.

Thermography starts from a very simple principle, but especially useful in diagnosis: all diseases modify the temperature of the sick organ: some diseases decrease the temperature of the affected organ, others increase it. The thermograph works with the temperature of the human body and measures precisely this modification of the temperature of the organs after getting sick.

The temperature gradient, meaning the difference of temperature between a normal and a sick tissue, has a very useful role. So Thermography is an infrared scanning system. The infrared waves are the continuation of the visible light range from the red light part of the spectrum and because of this they are called infrared. The thermograph collects a huge number of information, so many that it could not even be interpreted if we did not have the necessary means for this purpose. And these means are represented by superspecialized computer programs which gather this information, analyses it, processes it and transforms it in a coloured map which can be interpreted by the physician specialized in Thermography. With the help of the THERMOGRAPH one can diagnose a number of 150 diseases, which makes thermography a diagnosis method which should be used in taking any important decision regarding the method of treating any disease. At Medreflex line medical center we use thermography for establishing diagnosis, for checking the precision of other diagnosis methods and for controlling the efficiency of the treatments applied.

Depending on our availability, we shall attach more subchapters to this topic where we shall talk about the thermography of each device separately and gradually, even of each organ of the human body, separately, (all this because of didactic, study, easier understanding reasons), showing how useful, how important thermography is, what thermography brings compared to other diagnosis methods, which are the real advantages of thermography, supporting these assertions and exemplifying with thermographic images, so everybody can understand it. And because we shall have explicative chapters on devices and on certain organs of the human body, I shall enumerate here only what we do thermography for:

  • Thermography for ORL diseases
  • Thermography for the breathing system
  • Thermography for the digestive system
  • Thermography for the urinary system
  • Thermography for the cardiovascular system
  • Thermography for the endocrine system
  • Thermography for the immune system
  • Thermography for urologic diseases
  • Thermography for breast diseases
  • Thermography for the nervous system
  • Thermography for the locomotor system
  • Thermography for dermatologic diseases

Termographic image of the spine - cervical areaI would like to make a very important specification: at our medical center we can detect a big number of diseases as the ones described above, briefly, on chapters, and all this with the help of the thermograph. Out of this very big number of diseases which can be diagnosed, MEDREFLEX LINE center is specialized in medical recovery treatments focused on those enumerated in the chapter diseases treated. For the rest of the diseases we recommend you treatments which can be done at home, or we guide you towards those clinics specialized in a certain type of pathology where you can get a professional treatment.

I was saying above and I would like to resume the idea, in order to be better understood, that in the diagnose process the thermograph works with the temperature gradient, that is the difference of temperature between a normal and a sick tissue. How much the temperature of a sick tissue increases with or decreases with is what matters for the diagnosis and depending on this extremely important parameter, correlated with a series of many other parameters used in thermography which I cannot name and explain here, because of lack of space, the specialized physician in the interpretation of thermograms sets the diagnosis or the diagnoses. The thermograph collects a huge number of information which is turned into a coloured, interpretable map with the help of a complex computer program. And here is where the thermography physician plays his important part and who, on the basis of his studies, continuously improved by the experience he has, interprets those images I was talking about and sets a diagnosis.
How do we prepare for the thermographic scanning?

A few basic rules:
  • A night before you can take a bath or a shower, but not the morning the scanning takes place (because this modifies the temperature of the organism and we shall get an incorrect result)
  • 24 hours before scanning do not put any salve, cream or lotion on you
  • 24 hours before do not drink alcohol, coffee and do not smoke
  • 24 hours before scanning no massage is allowed.
  • It is indicated not to eat 6 hours before performing the thermography
  • Do not interrupt any treatment you take for HTA or any other disease!
  • If it is breast scanning, it is indicated that the ladies or the misses should be between the 10th and 15th day of the period, counted from the first day of the period
  • From the moment you have reached the medical center you must wait about 30 minutes for getting accommodated with the temperature inside – which the thermograph works with (for a correct diagnosis)
  • It is recommended not to lean against a chair or the wall in the waiting room, because the temperature of the body gets modified and we get an incorrect result
  • It is recommended that any jewelry should be left at home, in order not to modify the temperature of the body.
  • And last but not least we must prepare ourselves by making an appointment, using the contact data on the site.

How does a session of thermography take place?

It is good to know how thermographic scanning takes place, in order to understand the stages and to know in time what you have to do, all this for you to be very well prepared.

The moment you reach the cabinet, you shall be invited to have a seat and to wait 30 minutes, time necessary for the accommodation with the temperature the thermograph works with.

The thermographic scanning is next: a general scanning is done, focused on detecting all the possible diseases. Then we interpret all the thermograms obtained during scanning and we draw a conclusion, setting the final diagnosis. So it is good to know that the entire process takes some time, depending on the complexity of each patient’s pathology.

In our medical center you receive the scanning result which contains all the diseases detected, and then you are recommended the treatment you should take. From case to case, it can be a treatment you can take at home (if your disease can be treated at home), but there can also be diseases which cannot be treated at your home and thus you shall be invited at our center for medical recovery sessions recommended depending on the disease you suffer from. See the list of the diseases treated at our medical center. There can be situations when, if the disease is serious and requires surgery, you should be guided towards the clinics and the physicians who can help you.

At our center the treatment is done only by appointment, taking into account your time and your possibilities of taking part in it.


Advantages of thermography:

  • It does not irradiate (the biggest advantage), unlike the other methods, very irradiative (Radiography, MNR and computerized tomography)
  • It can be done at any age and in any situation (including pregnant women)
  • It can be repeated whenever necessary (just because it does not irradiate)
  • It helps in the diagnosis as well as in the treatment of many diseases
  • It sees the danger a person is in of catching a certain disease (it sees the degradation of the area or of the organ and indicates the risk of catching the disease)
  • With the help of the thermography we can set the number of sessions necessary for the treatment.
  • It offers precision in the treatment (done under thermographic scanning)
  • With the help of the thermography we can control and appreciate the effect of the treatment applied and we can determine when it must be repeated
  • Is cheaper and easier to perform

Dr. Petre Muresan - Centrul Medical MEDREFLEX LINE - Cluj Napoca 
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Daily programme - Thermography

The thermographic scanning can be done only by appointment
Monday    10-13

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We can do thermographic scanning at any other hour or in any other day if we do have time but only by appointment.

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