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An article presented by dr. Petre Muresan



“A healthy beggar is happier than a sick king”

The above quoted words show us that health is an essential component of happiness and, as we all wish to be happy, it means that we all wish to be healthy. But many times we can hardly be healthy because many times we do not even know that we are sick or going to be sick. The reflexotherapy can easily show us if we are sick or if we are going to be sick, being a method of diagnosis of the sick organ, but also an excellent natural treatment method.

Today we have another excellent treatment method which goes as far as being able to foresee the appearance of a disease long before it shows up, it manifests itself. This is THERMOGRAPHY. See the chapter THERMOGRAPHY.

In Greek the word THERAPY means call, request for help from the earth. And the earth really offers this help through everything it has: mineral and thermal waters, mud, clay, precious stones, homeopathic remedies and even the stones we step on and which massage the reflexogenous areas in the soles. I am positive that it was here where reflexotherapy comes from; from the lesson nature gave to man, making him notice that the elements of nature have a precise destination and that we must only use all the gifts they give us. A great spiritual man told some time ago that being moral means using every thing in conformity with the destination the Creator gave it. Then you are moral and free. Or, besides many other things that reflexotherapy brings, it teaches man, even from the antiquity, to be moral and free, showing him how to use each element in conformity with its purpose.

Asking this help from the earth, from the elements of the earth, the nature, through the stones which massage the reflexogenous areas in the sole, suggested to man, even from the oldest times, that this simple but profound exercise can represent a form and a method of treatment of many diseases.

Reflexotherapy starts from an extremely simple principle, inferred and noticed by the alternative medicine from the oldest times, namely that any organ of the human body has a nerve termination on the human body. And that by massaging these points, these nerve terminations, one can maintain, improve or regain the lost health. This simple principle, noticed in a natural way, today is being more and more often scientifically proved through the studies made (I do this thing with the help of the thermograph).
Sedinta de reflexoterapie - Centrul Medical MEDREFLEX LINE - Cluj Napoca

The nerve terminations are spread on the entire surface of the body, but, regarding the therapeutic importance, out of 100%, about 93% are located in the sole, 5% at the hands’ level and the rest of 3% being represented by points located on the rest of the body.

By processing these points, according to a certain rule, according to a certain technique, with certain intensity and in a certain order, the Reflexotherapy obtains the rebalance of the organism and its resetting for a good functioning, on the trajectory of health.
Reflexotherapy maintains the state of health that you have, or helps you regain the health you lost.


Except for the few counter indications that an experienced physician must set, reflexotherapy can be used for all diseases. On our site www.medreflexline.ro we shall have chapters with reflexotherapy on each specific device, where we shall explain why it is used, how it is used, through which mechanisms it operates, which are the special effects on the respective device, and also all the information we shall consider necessary, in such a way as to clearly understand the importance and the value of this method of medical recovery. In this article dedicated to some generalities on reflexotherapy, I would like to enumerate only a few important situations when reflexotherapy is used:

  • Reflexotherapy for the thyroid
  • Reflexotherapy for the sinuses
  • Reflexotherapy for the brain circulation
  • Reflexotherapy for the eye (for improving the eyesight)
  • Reflexotherapy for maintaining or improving hearing
  • Reflexotherapy for maintaining or regaining balance
  • Reflexotherapy for the mouth cavity
  • Reflexotherapy for the breathing tracks
  • Reflexotherapy for the cardio-vascular system
  • Reflexotherapy for the digestive system (for each organ separately)
  • Reflexotherapy for the renal system
  • Reflexotherapy for the osteoarticular system (see the chapter DISEASES TREATED)
  • Reflexotherapy for the immune system
  • Reflexotherapy of detoxification
  • Reflexotherapy for the sexual dynamic disorders (TSD) etc

But it must be made (and I insist on it), only and only under medical surveillance and by real specialists, in order to obtain a maximum benefit.

Although we apply reflexotherapy in all diseases, at MEDREFLEX LINE MEDICAL CENTER we focused first of all on medical recovery treatments in the diseases you can see in the chapter diseases treated from our site.

Reflexotherapy can be applied either as an independent method, or as we do, during more complex sessions of medical recovery, which include more therapeutic techniques, which you can also find on our site in the chapter medical services.

Through its action mechanisms on the vascular system, on the endocrine system, on the excretory, nervous and metabolic system, reflexotherapy is an excellent method of medical recovery treatment, which we warmly recommend you. At our medical center reflexotherapy is not used at random, but under the strict thermographic control, thing which offers it a scientific fundament and recommends it through the special results obtained (controlled and proved also with the help of thermograph).

More information on thermography you can find in the chapter SERVICES or in the article dedicated to thermography as method of diagnosis.

Daily programme Reflexotherapy
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Tuesday   7-13and 16-21
Wednesday 7-13 and 16-21

Thursday  7-13 and 16-21
Friday    7-13 and 16-21
Saturday within the limits of the appointments made


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