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In the beginning was the Word...”
John chpt. I v. 1

Paraphrasing this superb quoted assertion, I can say that any achievement, any fulfilment in the beginning was an “intention”, the “desire“ of being, of existing.

Our medical center came into being and is developed with God’s help and blessing, with the intention and from the desire to understand, interpret and practise correctly the term of THERAPY, because today it is used on a large scale but missing its true significance.

THERAPY comes from Greek and means Call, Search, Request for Help from the Earth. So therapy is a request for help addressed to the Earth, to the elements of the Earth and to the huge energies stored by these elements. And the Earth comes to help the human being with its elements and the force it was endowed with by the Creator: mineral waters, thermal waters, mud, natural, unaltered nourishment, air, the beautiful framework which should favour and invite us to movement, the gravity with its important part in the good functioning of the organism, the homeopathic remedies which also use the elements of the nature, the precious stones and even grass and the ordinary stones we step on and which stimulate the rebalancing of the organism; and all this if we do not forget to walk barefooted in the grass with the morning dew and on the stones wishing us well, massaging our parts which come into contact with them and through that, resetting the connection with the earth, because it is from the earth that we were taken…..and it is in it that we can find the healing elements.

We the people have sort of forgotten of our origin, we forgot where we are coming from, we forgot about the elements the Creator made us from and we got far from the nature.

We forget to use the plants, the minerals, the elements of nature in general and their force in order to treat ourselves, but we do not forget to use synthesis products, which help us on one hand but on the other hand bring us so many side effects. We do not condemn the modern medicine, we do not deny its enormous progress, we do not contest its extraordinary results, but in a world where we forgot where we are coming from and where we become used to take drugs from our own initiative, our medical center MEDREFLEX LINE would like to be an invitation to going back to nature, to its energies and wonders, to its enormous arsenal put at our disposal and which we can use for our heath.

And because the human body has elements that the nature also has, it means that the body as well is a gift and a “natural element” which can be used in the treatments of his fellows. He (the man) can do that by touching (through massage and reflexotherapy), by taking over himself the negative energies the sick person comes with and by transmitting him the positive ones, then he can do this through the power of the word, giving the sick person the faith, the hope and especially leading him towards the Love which frees and heals. But the limited man cannot take over himself so many negative energies without being himself threatened by destruction and has no enough sources for so many positive energies, unless he is in connection with the Supernatural, with the Infinite, with God. This is why we wish that the treatments from our medical center should have a spiritual component as well.

I have thought of this project for a long time, of this medical center oriented towards the nature and its healing elements and I always think of it as a permanently developing entity opened to everything that is new and that can bring a progress in treating and allaying the human pain. This is why we can speak and we have a special chapter entitled FUTURE PLANS.

MEDREFLEX LINE medical center offers very advanced and extremely performant possibilities of:

  • Diagnosis, through sounds, ultrasounds (see ULTRASONOGRAPHY) and through infrared waves, which are the continuation of the visible light range from the red light part of the spectrum, being thus named infrared (see THERMOGRAPHY).
  • Medical recovery treatments through naturist methods and with the help of light, that you shall know better by visiting our site and especially by knowing our medical center, you are kindly invite to turn to, hoping that you shall find here a ray of light in the labyrinth created by your suffering, a ray of hope, of trust and of love, so that all these should give you back the health you need, the health which is a condition of happiness.

I thought of choosing a symbol of the medical center, which should represent us. And because at MEDREFLEX LINE we use very often the light as a method of diagnosis and treatment, I considered the IRIS FLOWER as being very appropriate.

Why the IRIS FLOWER? Because besides the fact that it is so beautiful it also has a special symbology. Even in the Greek mythology the Goddess Iris, sister of the Harpies, was the personified symbol of the rainbow and the messenger between gods and humans. It is said that every time she stepped on the earth, there were beautiful rainbow-coloured flowers growing behind her. In Greek iris means rainbow.

But in the Bible, iris = rainbow, has a special significance, shown in the Book of Genesis chapter 9 v 8---17. Here are some lines from this text: “I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth........... and I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh.......
And the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh ......neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of the flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth.”

In a medical center where people come with so many problems, with so many diseases, with so many sufferings, I consider as being extremely important that all the work, all the efforts for helping the sick people, should take place under the sign of hope, of the Covenant.... which promised that... “the waters shall no more become a flood”......, meaning that all the waves, all the difficulties, all the problems, all the sufferings, so all the waters that come over the sick person, shall not overwhelm him. I am absolutely sure that God observes the covenant He made, but for this to become really efficient in our life and .... that the waters shall no more become a flood... we must also remember of the covenant we have with God.

This is why at our Medical Center MEDREFLEX LINE we are symbolically waiting for you with an iris flower, which should tell you how much we appreciate you and give you hope and trust, reminding you of the promise that ” the waters shall no more become a flood”

Dr. Petre Muresan

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