Centrul medical Medreflex Line din CLuj Napoca - bring your health back using natural tratments and our proven expertise.
Beauty treatments, anti-aging, detox and esthetic medicine using 100% natural procedures and body shaping techniques: 3Max, plasmolifting, Guna method

Welcome to MEDREFLEX LINE Medical Center

The MEDREFLEX LINE Medical Center from Cluj, thought, created and meant for your good and health, offers you:

1. Ultramodern methods of diagnosis with high-tech, very performant and very precise devices, for the services of: Thermography, Thermography – Ultrasonography, Thermographic Ultrasonography, General Ultrasonography, Ultrasonography on devices, 3D Ultrasonography, Panoramic Ultrasonography, diagnosis by researching the depths of the human psychic with Homeopathy. See chapter Services offered

2. New, revolutionary methods of setting the necessary treatment for every suffering person, for every disease diagnosed, as well as of controlling the efficiency of the treatment set - all this achieved with the help of our equipment.

Dynamic angiothermography
An important novelty in the field of breast cancer diagnosis is the dynamic angiothermography (DATG). This is a method only specialized in revealing breast cancer. This method has been detected by PhD Daniele Montruccoli in Rome who, throughout the years, has managed to continuously improve it, managing to successfully use it now for diagnosing breast cancer, without the use of irradiating investigation methods, such as the classic mammography. You can find on our website more information about breast cancer and the differences between a mammography and dynamic angiothermography.

3. Naturist and alternative medicine methods for preserving health, the biggest fortune we have, and of medical recovery, which observes the “primum non nocere” principle, that means no damage in the first place, thing achieved through our return to nature, to its regenerating energies and powers, to the unexpected treasures offered by the plants, minerals, water and all the components of nature. It is very, very important to be able to establish the disease of each person, but it is not enough to tell the person: “look dear, you are suffering from that disease, go and cure yourself in peace”.

At MEDREFLEX LINE Medical Center you are assisted in your treatment in a generous way, as generous as nature and its components that we ask help from is for us and full of love inspired by the love of the Creator of nature and of human being, who we ask protection from.

All this is achieved by focusing on healthy nourishment, through naturist methods of revitalization, maintenance, detoxification and medical recovery, such as: maintenance massage, relaxation massage, medical massage, reflexotherapy, polarized light treatments, homeopathic treatments, naturist treatments made through the infiltration method under strict surveillance and thermographic conduction.
See chapters Services offered and Diseases treated.

4. The information you need in order to get involved directly in the recovery process, in order to really want to cure yourself and have the satisfaction and the happiness of being the co-artisan of your own recovery. And all this because nothing can be done without you and no one can cure you unless you want to and contribute to.

See chapter Additional information.

Dr. Petre Muresan
Specialist physician General Medicine
Director of MEDREFLEX LINE Medical Center

Member of the Romanian Society of Thermograph (RST)
Member of the Romanian Society of Ultrasonography in medicine and biology (RSUMB)
Member of the Romanian Society of Homeopathy (RSH)

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